Navigating Relationship Challenges

Navigating relationship challenges has not always been my form of writing, as I started in a different genre before shifting to my blogging journey in relationships.

I, just like most writers I know, bumped into writing unwittingly. While friends nudged some to write, others started it as a hobby! I fall into the first category.

A personal experience at age 24 brought me through a trying time. I lost my first job, which made me think, Why don’t I write my memoirs?

The intention was to serve as a reminder and lesson to other young people who might face tough times as I did.

Although I published nothing while attempting to write on foolscap papers, I did not give up.

Later, while working at a different company, I impressed a colleague with my superb writing skills in work emails. He jokingly suggested that I pursue a career as a writer, which reignited my passion for writing. It was time to get serious about my writing.

Writing Books on Amazon

Starting off in the world of fiction writing, I ended up having two books published on Amazon, titled Valley of Death and Seeds of a Pod.

Article Writing

The publication of the two books gave me the zeal to pursue more writing. With time, I branched out into article writing and blog posts.

Throughout my career, I have gained diverse experience in different fields. I worked as a teacher and also ventured into the business world, specifically in the textile industry, banking, and dairy sectors. These experiences have been invaluable in shaping my professional growth.

I prefer traditional methods when writing, and enjoy using pen and paper to jot down my ideas, to ensure I don’t forget them.

Through my writing, I derive immense pleasure from sharing my insights towards self-improvement and establishing authentic love relationships for individuals with love pains.

As you visit my website, remember to connect with me on social media. And together, we shall help each other in navigating relationship challenges.