How to Sustain Long Lasting Happiness in Your Relationship

A woman on a man's back: Happy long lasting relationship

Sustaining long lasting happiness in a relationship brings images of happily ever after, which has for long been a catchphrase conjured in both fairy tales and Disney movies. In real life, however, you will face numerous bumps and roadblocks on your journey to realizing this happiness. There is no Alice in Wonderland bliss. It takes … Read more

How to Deal With a Relationship Breakup and Move On

A couple in a heated argument depicting a relationship breakup

So, you’re going through a relationship crisis and breakup, huh? Relationship grief is personified. And getting through any form of grief stinks.  Heartbreak is like coping with death and is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through. But, don’t worry and let depression creep in; we’ve all been there.  Although breakups can … Read more

LGBTQ: The Community’s Trailblazing Journey Towards Equality

A happy lady in a gay march

The LGBTQ community’s journey toward achieving equality has been an incredible and trailblazing one. It’s a journey bedeviled with both setbacks and drawbacks on the one hand and progress and triumphs on the other. Let’s explore the extraordinary evolution, adversities, and victories that have accordingly, punctuated the community’s direction. Right from the spark at Stonewall … Read more

Ideal Woman: The Top Qualities Men Look For

Ideal woman under a veil showing beautiful eyes

Image credit: Max on Unsplash The ideal woman concept has been men’s number-one most-desired quest. It has altogether shifted from traditional stereotypes to encompass a range of qualities that men truly value. The quest is universal, and men, by the same token as women, have their own set of preferences and expectations. We dig deep … Read more

Expressing Affection in Your Relationship: Love Languages

An affectionate couple feeding each other fruits

Expressing affection in a relationship has become easier in today’s fast-paced world than it was previously. There is no easier time for relationships to thrive than in the present. With advancements in technology, expressing affection is consequently faster. It has brought in new opportunities and myriad ways to connect. These include instant text messages, emails, … Read more

Love in Digital Age: Nurturing Healthy Relationships

Love in the digital age has come with its ups and downs. This article looks at the benefits and ills of this subject that affects us all directly or otherwise. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the concept of love has undergone a great transformation. Furthermore, cultivating healthy relationships has taken on new dimensions. The prevalence … Read more

10 Reasons Men Prefer Women Over 40: Unravelling the Allure

Happy women enjoying some wine

Men prefer women over 40 in search of secure relationships. In the intriguing field of dating and relationships, this is a curious phenomenon that this article looks at. Whereas age should not be the sole determinant factor in a relationship, this article explores 10 qualities and characteristics that make mature women attractive and appealing to … Read more