How to Know You Like Someone: 10 Hidden Signs You Can’t Miss

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You certainly have once wanted to know if you truly like someone. 

If you have ever experienced that indescribable feeling where your heart skips a beat and you can’t help but daydream about someone all the time, you are not alone. 

To be sure you are unmistakably experiencing the first signs of liking someone, read on.

To begin with, understanding your feelings for someone can be both exciting and confusing.

Love has a way of surprising us, leaving us feeling completely confused and helpless at the same time. 

But how do we know without a doubt that what we’re feeling is the real deal? 

We will examine the physiological and emotional cues that reveal that someone amazing is winning your heart. 

Whether you’re in the early stages of infatuation or questioning the depth of your feelings in a long-term relationship, these signs will help you understand and embrace the beauty of liking someone. 

Get ready to discover these subtle signs and hidden indicators that reveal when you’ve developed a liking for someone.

Note: The gender in this article could be any.

1. Signs of Attraction

i). Body Language Clues

If you exhibit the following signs, you are more than likely in the initial stages of liking someone:

  • Leaning in while talking to the other person
  • You prefer their company to others. While in a group, you pay attention to them while ignoring others
  • Mirroring and trying to touch them at every available opportunity, sometimes even unconsciously
  • You show prolonged eye contact, as if drilling them to know more about them

ii). Frequency of Thoughts

Knowing if you truly like someone could be easier than you can imagine. It could be a sign of developing feelings if they frequently occupy your thoughts.

How so, you may ask.

To illustrate, have you ever thought of a person before falling asleep? What’s more, you wake up in the morning thinking of the same person again?

Smell the coffee. It’s a sign you can’t ignore. You like them, evidently.

iii). Excitement in Their Presence 

You plan to meet this person, and you become all excited.

You are all fired up from planning what to wear, how to smell, and even silently practicing what to tell them when you meet.

On the off-chance they are late for the date, you become anxious. But as soon as they appear, you are relieved and instantly glow.

This feeling of a rush of excitement or happiness when you’re around them is a clear indicator. Don’t ignore it. Tell them you like them!

2. Physical Indicators

i). Butterflies in the Stomach 

Whoever coined the phrase butterflies in the stomach must have experienced that funny excitement. 

It feels like you want nothing in your stomach. It’s already in turmoil, with storms going up and down. Your nervous system is telling you something.

That nervous, fluttery feeling is often a sign of attraction. You become nervous and tense because you like this person. Maybe it happens because you want them and are uncertain if you’ll get them to like you in a similar fashion.

ii). Increased Heart Rate

Coupled with the above, your heart might race when you’re near them or receive a message from them.

Ping, the phone beeps.

You rush to see who the message is from. It is your service provider offering some airtime promotions. Dah! You curse.

Ping, the phone beeps again.

This time it’s her, wishing you goodnight.

Your heart races unexpectedly. So, she thinks of me, you conclude. You smile as you think of a perfect reply.

You plan a date, and even before her arrival, your heart is doing another dance.

The heart racing is another sign you are surely liking this person.

3. Emotional Cues

i). Happiness and Smiling 

When you are in this person’s presence, you are genuinely happy, and they often bring a smile to your face effortlessly.

You wonder how time flies when you are with them. Three hours seems like you’ve been together for only half an hour.

In a word, it looks like the world is at a standstill. You are oblivious to all other happenings around you. The world seems like one happy place to be.

Afterward, you are sorry that your date is ending. The time was too short, which you regret.

ii). Jealousy 

This is an interesting one.

Picture this…

On your way to the shopping mall, you find the person you are beginning to like in deep conversation with another person.

Heck, they said something funny, and they were in deep laughter.

You feel like someone has cut your intestines with a sharp razor.

Feeling a twinge of jealousy when they interact with others can signify deeper feelings. So, don’t worry. It is a hidden sign that you like this person. 

iii). You like Someone by Making Plans Together

If you often plan things together, it shows you have this person in your future.

Do you show signs of empathy?

You probably make sacrifices for them.

Above all, you feel safe with them as you lay out your plans.

All these signs show you like this person.

4. Behavioral Changes

i). Prioritizing Their Company

This is one person who can make you change your plans at short notice.

It’s a Friday night, and your work colleagues have planned an evening of cocktails. One hour before you leave the office, she calls and says she wants a coffee date.

Rather than stand her off, you excuse yourself from the cocktail party, much to the dismay of your colleagues.

If you find ways to spend time with them or prioritize their needs over other plans, the goose is cooked. You like them. Period.

ii). Increased Affection

If you feel like you want to give them small gifts occasionally, then you are on the path to liking them. It is important to realize that this gesture comes naturally.

Next, for people who are not yet intimate, holding hands is the closest they can come to showing affection.

Holding hands: can make you know if you like someone

The holding of hands has a special spark to it. It’s like affection flows through the hands.

Do their handshakes linger for some time? Does it feel warm and loving? It’s a first sign of becoming more affectionate or attentive towards them.

When you like them, other affectionate signs that’ll follow include cuddling and kissing. With these, you certainly know the liking has progressed.

5. Differentiating Liking and Infatuation

On one hand, infatuation is like a false love. You initially find yourself drawn to a person, but it’s not for the long haul. It is always a short-lived passion for someone. Eventually, one gets over it.

On the other hand, liking someone is genuine. You dedicate yourself to knowing this person (their strengths and weaknesses), being around them, knowing their likes and dislikes, etc. And it often leads to a long-term friendship culminating in love.

Therefore, understanding the nuances between genuine liking and temporary infatuation can help clarify your feelings.

6. Internal Reflection

In order to start piecing all these signs together, you first need to take time to reflect on your emotions and assess if your feelings are genuine and sustainable.

The heart never lies. Listen to that inner voice that will always accompany you whenever you need to know if you like someone.

Need we tell you whether to do as your heart says? Nay! It’s also a hidden sign. Certainly, you can’t ignore it. 

7. Social Interaction

Ok, you have seen and deciphered the various signs that direct you to liking someone.

The big question is: Do they feel a liking for you too?

Enter social interaction.

There you have your answer. Observe how you behave around them and how they respond to you in social settings for clues about mutual liking.

And if the feeling is mutual, then it’s a wrap. You can now proceed to a level that is beyond liking.

8. Mixed Signals

And now you are thinking…

What if I’m not sure? What if the liking is not real? Supposing they don’t like me as much?

Dealing with mixed signals can be challenging. 

But you can deploy strategies for navigating uncertainty in your emotions, such as:

  • Being direct and ask them what they feel
  • Spending more time with the person to understand them better
  • Giving yourself time to think over the situation

As a result, you’ll know whether you are ready to continue liking this person or if it’s time to call it quits.

9. Cultural Perspectives

By and large, cultural norms and expectations can influence the expression and interpretation of liking someone. You certainly can not ignore the other person’s cultural background.

If you hail from different cultures, take time to learn how they behave, their way of life, heritage, e.t.c.

Though love can break cultural barriers, it is wise to know your standing to avoid disappointment.

Take the case of a culture where the person you like consumes snails as a delicacy, whereas you don’t. 

To avoid conflicts, you either embrace it as a delicacy too, or you convince them to ditch that dish. Easy, right?

Not quite. Although this is an example, watch out for other bigger issues that may crop up and tackle them early enough.

10. Long-term vs. Short-term

Now to the big elephant.

What are your intentions?

Is it a platonic relationship you want, or would you like to cement it with full-blown love?

All things considered, evaluate whether your feelings are fleeting or have the potential for a long-term connection based on shared values and goals.

Since you now have the hidden signs, the ball is in your court.

Final Thoughts

In summary, understanding and acknowledging your feelings for someone is the first step towards building meaningful connections. 

It starts with detecting these hidden signs that lead you to know that you like someone.

Trust your instincts and communicate openly to nurture healthy relationships and progress to the next level.

Do you have any more signs you’d love to share? Hit the comments.


Can infatuation turn into genuine liking?

Infatuation can evolve into genuine liking over time as you get to know someone better.

How do I know if it’s a real liking and not just a crush?

Love involves deep emotional connection and compatibility, while a crush is often based on surface attraction.

Is it possible to like someone but not feel attracted to them physically?

Yes, emotional liking can exist without strong physical attraction in some cases.

What should I do if I’m unsure about my feelings for someone?

Take time to assess your emotions, communicate openly with the person, and seek advice from trusted friends or family.

Can liking someone lead to a successful relationship?

Liking someone is a positive foundation for a relationship, but factors like communication, compatibility, and mutual respect are crucial for success.

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