Goodnight Greetings 101: (With Examples to Make Her Nights Special)

Goodnight greetings; a smiling lady in bed reading her phone

As the day ends, showing your love through thoughtful goodnight greetings can add a touch of warmth and ecstasy to your sweetheart’s night. It’s not only a simple way that shows affection, but it can also improve her moods significantly before you both hit the pillows. Whether you are in a new relationship or have … Read more

Impotence: How to Overcome It by Getting Virulent Again

A stressed man holding his head. Impotence causes stress

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction (ED), is both a sensitive topic and a condition that affects a significant number of men worldwide, particularly those in the 40-70 age bracket. Some people with the condition, surprisingly, choose to ignore it completely and suffer silently as a result. In addition, it causes one’s confidence to erode … Read more

How to Know Unique Personality Types That Define You

A lady climbing a flight of stairs

Have you ever wondered what personality type best describes you? You’ve probably even considered taking personality tests, which are available online. You are not alone. The journey of realizing who we are has captivated people for ages. And it will not end anytime.  Our personalities influence every part of our lives, including our interactions and … Read more

Women Seeking Men: How to Create a Lasting Love Story

women seeking men: a woman presents christmas gifts to her husband

“Women seeking men” has, for ages, had the chiefly unfortunate tag of ‘loose morals’ associated with it across a wide spectrum of societies. Rather, the accepted norm has been “men seeking women.” I think you’ll agree with me when I say that finding that special person in one’s life is challenging. Indeed, it’s been more … Read more

How to Know Narcissist Traits, From Types to Coping Strategies

Image of one on air. Narcissist behavior makes one feel on top of others

Narcissist traits are derived from the Greek myth of Narcissus. (He fell in love with himself after seeing his reflection on a pond while drinking water and remained rooted at that spot ever after.)  They, therefore, refer to personality traits characterized by an excessive focus on one’s self and needs.  The culprit feels they deserve … Read more