True Love: Here’s a Quick Look at the Telltale Signs

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True love has a power and spark that you can’t miss or ignore. 

Telltale signs will stare you in the face, while other signs will be in your heart and mind.

Though the partner you will fall in true love with will not be perfect, picking up a good percentage of good vibes is a certainty.

Be willing to know and learn who they are, their tastes and dislikes, and accept their flaws where you find gaps.

Signs You Are in Love

When love first strikes, there’s confusion. Strange feelings that leave you knocked out emerge. 

It can happen anytime, and you may or may not notice it. A friend may see these signs and bring them to your attention.

Either way, here’s a look at some signs that give way:

Periodic Thoughts

If your thoughts keep wandering back to this person often, there is a likelihood you are hooked. 

Additionally, if you keep reviewing your past text messages and conversations with them and zooming in and admiring their photos, it’s time to admit you are in love.

Daydreaming could occur from time to time making you oblivious to your surroundings and it may take a snap of the fingers from someone to bring you back to reality.

Consequently, you wonder if your friend has similar thoughts to yours. You wish your thoughts were mutual, and hope that they’ll share their feelings with you.

Might you be ignoring any other thing or person to the exclusion of your friend? Smell the coffee and know you are in love.

A Feeling of Safety Heralds True Love

Safety in a relationship is paramount and takes many forms. When you relax in each other’s arms, you feel loved and safe. Nothing troubles you.

This person becomes a priority in your life. You will change your schedule to accommodate them and feel a desire to spend lots of time together, sharing the littlest of moments, both sad and joyful.

Your confidence becomes clear because of the safety they provide. This enhances a strong emotional connection—another true sign of true love.

A Racing Heart Signals True Love

At the prospect of your meeting, your heart jumps, and your palpitation increases. You may have the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, euphoria, and being giddy just before you meet.

And when you meet for that date, you may lack appetite, feeling full all the time! True love has a way of bringing contentment.

When happy and nervous, this is a good sign. Go out there and start sharing your world with your partner. Spend lots of time together and cultivate your love.

Are You Jealous?

This is another healthy sign. If you see your partner with another person and feel a trace of jealousy, don’t worry. It shows that you care and want the best for that person.

In your subconscious mind, you believe you are the best-suited and hope they will be happy only with you.

Questions such as these may bother you: “Will they find a better company than I?” “Am I a good fit?” “What if I lose them?”

Most people starting a relationship pass through this phase, and it’s the strong ones who pass the test—those who learn to control their jealousy levels. If uncontrolled, there could be silly repercussions. Some people who fail this test end up miserable. Some will end up committing suicide.

True Love Has Compassion

Is your friend going through a rough phase in their life? Are they sick, have they lost a close relative, or have they lost their jobs?

If you feel touched and want to share with them during times of difficulties and calamities, then these are people you love. 

Your willingness to sacrifice and be with them at such times is another recipe for love. 

Still in Doubt of True Love?

You have completed a checklist, but some things still don’t feel right. You have questions that cloud your mind and make you wonder if you are in love.


  • still have misgivings and are not ready to commit to the relationship.
  • are not in a position to compromise when you have arguments, meaning one of you is selfish.
  • have no trust, commitment, respect, or admiration.
  • have no feelings of completeness and contentment.
  • only have a physical attraction that amounts to infatuation.

Then, know that the love you feel is not true.


Be honest by listening to your heart. 

Some friends come on board with advice. Friends with good meaning. They may have noticed you spend less time with them to be with your partner. Others may know the faults of your friend and tell you frankly.

If the above rings a bell and you are in doubt, run and forget this person. 

Image courtesy of Everton Vila Asa on Unsplash

If your other parameters match, take a deep breath and tell your friend that you love them. After all, it’s only by declaring your intentions that you’ll get to win them over and be truly in love.

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