Skiza Tunes: The Good, Bad, and Ugly; (What You Need to Know)

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Skiza Tunes has become an integral part of the modern music industry. It has revolutionized the way artists and listeners interact with mobile content. 

With this revolution, some content creators have smiled their way to the bank. Yet to others, it is a never-ending nightmare of being robbed blind in the daylight.

While these personalized caller tunes offer a unique and entertaining experience, there’s more to Skiza Tunes than meets the eye. 

Did you know, for example, that many subscribers have tunes on their phones they are not aware of? 

This may sound outrageous, but it’s not uncommon to compliment someone on their playback songs only for them to admit they didn’t know such tunes existed on their phones.

Indeed, some people don’t even know that the charges to subscribe to the tunes are daily. Altogether, this translates to a lot of money for the music copyright societies.

And that a significant portion of most artists’ earnings is contentious because these bodies don’t pay them what they are entitled to?

In this article, we’ll explore the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of Skiza Tunes. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what you need to know about this popular mobile service.

How Skiza Tunes Work


If you are tired of hearing the same old ringtone every time your phone rings and want to add a touch of personalization to your mobile experience, look no further than Skiza Tunes.

Additionally, you can set different tunes for different contacts to make each interaction special. Just by listening to a particular ringtone, you’ll be able to tell who is calling you.


In the same manner, you can subscribe to a playback song so that whenever someone calls you, the melodious tones of your favorite artist in the background will entertain them as they wait for the phone connection. 

Don’t expose them to the monotonous tiiii tiiii tiiii tone. You can give them entertainment through caller tunes instead.

In a word, Skiza Tunes gives you the power to customize your mobile phone’s sound and create a unique soundtrack that reflects your personality. 

With an extensive library of songs across various genres, Skiza Tunes ensures that there’s something for everyone. 

From the latest love hits to timeless classics, you’ll never run out of options to set the perfect tone for your phone. 

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply looking to add some flair to your mobile experience, Skiza Tunes is your gateway to an unforgettable melodic journey. 

Now let’s turn to the pros and cons of having Skiza tunes on your phone.

The Good: Benefits of Ring Tones and Callertunes

Skiza Revenue Stream for Artists

To begin with, Skiza Tunes serves as an additional revenue stream for artists. It allows them to earn money not just from music sales but also from caller tune subscriptions. 

For every tune you subscribe to, the artist is entitled to collect some royalties from its use.

This has proven to be particularly beneficial for independent artists looking to monetize their work.

And the best part of it is that they continue collecting this passive income for ages.

Did you know that people like Michael Jackson and others continue earning royalties from their music careers from their graves? What a perfect way to leave a legacy for one’s family for generations!

To check their income, artists can simply dial *622#.

Personalized Caller Experience

As stated above, your choice of a wide range of personalized ringtones and caller tunes will make every incoming call a delightful experience, not only for you but for your caller as well. 

You are at liberty to select your favorite songs, creating a personalized calling experience for those trying to reach you. It makes the process of waiting for someone to answer the call more enjoyable.

As a matter of fact, the song could be so captivating that they wish you would delay picking up the call as they sing along and get entertained.

Promotion and Branding

Another key point is that these tunes offer artists a unique promotional tool. 

By encouraging fans to set their latest releases as caller tunes, musicians can effectively promote their work to a broader audience, creating a buzz around new releases.

If their songs reach a wider audience, then they and their works will be more recognized. In truth, just one song’s popularity as a Skiza song is enough to propel a singer to immediate stardom.

The Bad of Skiza Tunes

Subscription Charges

While Skiza Tunes provides an additional income source for artists, users should be cautious about potential subscription charges. 

Some mobile service providers may have fees associated with activating and maintaining Skiza Tunes, leading to unexpected costs for subscribers.

At first, you can ignore these charges as minimal, but in time, the cumulative amount per month, or perhaps per year, could turn out to be significant.

Limited Skiza Song Catalog

The selection of songs available as Skiza Tunes may be limited, restricting users from setting their favorite niche or independent tracks. 

You could find that the song you seek to subscribe to is not in the catalog, to your dismay.

This limitation can frustrate users seeking a more diverse range of tunes. Getting some artists to be in the catalog could take ages, by which time their songs may have waned in popularity.

The Ugly of Skiza Tunes

Copyright and Royalty Issues

Without a doubt, Skiza Tunes has faced scrutiny for potential copyright and royalty issues. 

Some artists have claimed that they aren’t adequately compensated for the use of their music as caller tunes, sparking debates on fair compensation within the industry.

They have accused the copyright bodies, for the most part, of unfair distribution of royalties. 

Indeed, most artists have occasionally complained of not receiving any dues. 

And for those that receive them, they consider them a tiny drop in the ocean, not commensurate with their years of toil and hard work.

User Privacy Concerns

Subscribing to Skiza Tunes often involves sharing personal information with mobile service providers. 

Users should be aware of potential privacy concerns and ensure that they understand how their data will be used and protected.

It beats logic to share your information only for them to infringe on your privacy and use your data for other ulterior motives.

How to Subscribe to Skiza Tunes

Subscribing to tunes is easy, as it involves dialing a USSD code depending on the platform, and that’s it. The USSD code may cost an insignificant amount.

You simply dial a USSD code, then the code number of the song, and a hash sign at the end.

Here are the major USSD codes for the providers where you can download a variety of tunes:


For caller tunes, if you like a sound on the other end, you can copy it by dialing a given number, and it automatically embeds on your end.

How to Unsubscribe From Skiza Tunes

While subscribing to tunes is easy, it could turn out to be a pain in the neck to unsubscribe, especially for people with little technological know-how.

Take the case of Margaret, who had 3 Skiza tunes on her phone without knowing how she acquired them. Every call entertained the callers with three different playback tunes. 

She was able, through her son, to unsubscribe from two of them. The third was a piano playback tune, which could easily have passed as a normal ringtone.

Defiantly, the tune stuck in the phone, and she was unable to remove it manually. Safaricom eventually effected the unsubscription upon request through a call.

To unsubscribe from Skiza tunes you don’t want, follow these steps:

  • Dial *811#
  • Select option 5 to manage your active tunes
  • You’ll find three options (Skiza tunes, my Skiza, and my Skiza mix)
  • Select accordingly

Alternatively, if you have the code of the song you want to delete, send it with the word delete to 811 via SMS.

To find out if you have any Skiza tunes on your phone (or to get a new one), follow these steps:

  • Dial *811#
  • Check my Skiza; It will show your active tunes
  • Here, you can also view the top tunes

For other mobile networks, for example, Airtel, use their app, and in the tunes section, you will get an option to deactivate the tune. Alternatively, you can either send an SMS with the word STOP to 543211 or call 54321108 to get prompts on how to unsubscribe.

Note: To have the Skiza tune active, you should always have sufficient funds to maintain the daily subscription rates. Otherwise, they’ll suspend the tune until you top up.

The Impact of Personalized Ringtones on User Experience

Although ringtones are popular, some playback songs could be offensive to some users. Exposing them to such tones time and again may result in them avoiding calling you.

On the other hand, some songs are soothing and pleasant to the ears of the user. They make it a wonderful experience that leaves them yearning for more.

Therefore, while choosing your songs, think not only of your experience but also of what your friends, relatives, and other callers will make of it.

At the same time, be aware of the pricing and charges that these songs attract. While most ringtones cost Kes 1.50 per day, be on the lookout for any hidden charges and also compute the expense monthly. 

You may save yourself from unnecessary expenses, but at the same time, you may be contributing to the well-being of an artist. Strike a balance between the two.

Final Thoughts on Skiza Tunes

Skiza Tunes has undeniably changed the dynamics of the music industry, offering both opportunities and challenges for artists and subscribers alike. 

While they provide a passive income stream for musicians and enhance the caller experience for users, potential issues such as subscription charges, limited song catalogs, copyright disputes, and privacy concerns must be addressed. 

As with any service, both artists and users need to stay informed and navigate the world of Skiza Tunes responsibly.

What are your thoughts on Skiza tunes? Let’s hear them in the comments.

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