The first of these Amazon-Kindle-published books is a perfect specimen of a case in an African setting in Kenya, where the reader witnesses the story of a drug cartel infiltrating a school. A drug lord has targeted secondary school children for his devious business. And there is a young Christian girl in a murder mystery scene to create suspense. Amidst all this, there is a Catholic priest. Will he uphold Christian morals and practices, or will he deviate from his calling? He becomes the main suspect in the murder, further deepening the mystery. The ensuing court case is a spectacle to behold.

Valley of Death

The second Amazon-Kindle-published book is a suspense story of gay twins who get separated at birth. One grows in squalor while the other swims in riches. The author takes the reader on an adventure from Guangzhou and the Great Wall of China to the scenic beauty of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. This is the world of the rich twin. His upbringing, from the schools he attended to his jobs, is the focus. For the second twin, the author paints a sharp contrast—a life of poverty in the slums. He joins the gang world. Then, by some twist of fate, the two become gay, each in his own way. The story ends in tragedy when the twins’ devastated mother dies when she learns of her two sons’ sexual orientation.

Both books center on some form of awesome relations, albeit from a different angle.

Seeds of a Pod