How to Sustain Long Lasting Happiness in Your Relationship

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Sustaining long lasting happiness in a relationship brings images of happily ever after, which has for long been a catchphrase conjured in both fairy tales and Disney movies.

In real life, however, you will face numerous bumps and roadblocks on your journey to realizing this happiness. There is no Alice in Wonderland bliss. It takes effort to have and sustain happiness.

Besides effort, there needs to be commitment and a deep understanding from both you and your partner of issues that will bring long-term happiness.

In this article, we navigate the keys that will assist you in unlocking the vaults of happiness. In discovering them, we will additionally help you build and maintain a healthy, happy, and enduring relationship.

The Foundation of a Long lasting Relationship

Communication and Trust

For your relationship to stay rooted in happiness, these two cornerstones form the foundation that cements it.

A relationship without communication will fail because no one will know what the other wants. Conversely, effective communication will help both parties compare notes and move forward in their quest for happiness.

On the other hand, in trust, there is room to create a safer space where both parties can freely express themselves without fear of judgment. It allows both partners to understand the feelings, thoughts, and needs of each other.

Quality Time Together

The nostalgic feeling you had earlier when you eagerly looked forward to meeting your partner should not wane. The quality time you spend together as partners helps nurture the spark and connection for both of you.

Couple spending quality time: A recipe for long lasting happiness in relationship

Unsplash photo credit: Pablo Heimplatz

In light of this, try to spice things up and have long lasting happiness in your relationship by:

·       Going for a date night

·       Shopping together

·       Have a getaway on a weekend

·       Sharing in indoor games, barbeques, or watching movies.

Such efforts will strengthen the bonds you share as well as create lasting and fond memories.

Emotional Intimacy Leads to Long Lasting Happiness

If physical intimacy is sweet to a relationship, then emotional intimacy is melodious. Just like the former warms the heart, the latter equally warms the soul.

It involves two things:

  1. Sharing your inner thoughts with your partner and

2. Intently listening to your partner- their needs and concerns

By being vulnerable and allowing these two, you build and foster a deeper connection and also an understanding of your partner.

Navigating Happiness Challenges in Your Relationship

Conflict Resolution to Long Lasting Happiness

All relationships face challenges occasionally. The question then is how to cope with them when they appear? You need to equip yourself with the following conflict-resolution skills:

Compromising and accommodating each other’s views

Actively listening to your partner

Finding solutions together.

Always remember that it’s not about avoiding conflicts because they are bound to surface. It’s about resolving them together and in a constructive manner. That way, you will have a long lasting happiness in your relationship.

Supporting Your Partner’s Goals

When you enter into a relationship, it is necessary to remember that each partner comes with individual dreams and goals.

Egging your partner to realize their goals is a component of long-term happiness for either of you.

Encourage their ambitions and be their biggest cheerleaders. It will inspire them to achieve more than they set out to.

A relationship thrives when both individuals are empowered to pursue their passions. They sustain their happiness.

Keeping the Flame Alive

Romance and Surprise

As a relationship progresses, there is a tendency for romance to altogether fizzle out over time. Don’t let this disorder affect you.

Just like a gardener adds manure to his flower bed to spruce it up and keep it healthy, a love relationship certainly needs sprucing up.

So as to keep the flame of love alive, surprise your partner with small gestures like leaving love notes around the house and showing spontaneous acts of affection like giving occasional gifts. These small gestures are significant and worth the effort in the long run.

Laughter and Fun

Transform a dull relationship into a lively one with a good injection of laughter. In a word, laughter is the unifying glue that helps to bind your hearts together. It is an outward show of inner joy.

A fun-filled relationship is one where the partners share inside jokes and embrace playfulness.

Laughing couple. Laughter leads to long lasting happiness

Pexels Image credit Leah Kelley

Have you ever seen a couple play with throw pillows? Or run after each other in a garden? It shows a couple that is sustaining happiness in their relationship. A relationship filled with play and laughter is a happy one. Target yours to have such a foundation for happiness and sustainability.

Self-Care and Personal Growth


Taking care of yourself should be your core business before extending love to someone else. Here’s how to do it:

Take care of yourself not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Doing this will at length spread your tentacles out and love your partner. To bring your best self to the relationship prioritize self-care.

Personal Growth

Engaging in a relationship does not mean your growth will stagnate. Contrarily, both partners should continue to grow in their individual spaces.

· Pursue personal interestsl

·       Take up new hobbies and games

·      Invest in self-development.

These habits will enrich your life and also add depth to your relationship.

Final Thoughts

It takes courage, effort, and commitment to sustain long-term happiness in a relationship. It’s a journey full of love and personal growth.

By nurturing trust, communication, and emotional intimacy, happiness is within reach.

Finally, by navigating your challenges in unison and keeping the flame alive through romance and laughter, you build a long lasting happiness in your relationship capable of standing the test of time. It only requires dedication and effort from both partners.


1.    How can I improve communication with my partner?

Prioritize active listening, expressing your opinions and feelings openly and honestly, and creating a safe and judgment-free space for open dialogue.

2.    How do I tackle conflicts in my relationship?

By understanding each other’s perspectives, conflict resolution should be easy. Compromise and find mutually beneficial solutions. Avoid the blame game and focus on finding common ground.

3.    Is there a need to have common interests and hobbies in a relationship?

Yes, having individual hobbies and interests is healthy. It promotes personal growth and a sense of self outside the relationship.

4.    How can I keep the romance alive in a long-term relationship?

Surprise your partner by taking them on impromptu outings and expressing your love through affectionate words and gestures.

5.    Why is self-care important in a relationship?

It ensures you are in the best mental and emotional state to contribute positively to the relationship. Taking care of oneself benefits both partners.

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