How to Start Your Day Positively: 9 Best Rituals

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How to start your day positive is an elusive concept to many people, perhaps including you.

Are you the type that wakes up frigidly, groaning, and snoozing your alarm countless times, afraid to face your day?

That does not need to be part of your daily routine. There are better morning rituals that can brighten your mornings.

Besides, the way you begin your day often sets the tone for the hours ahead. Cultivating positive morning rituals can significantly impact your mindset and overall well-being. 

This guide will explore 9-morning rituals designed to infuse positivity into your daily routine. Hopefully, it will help you have better days. Let’s dive headlong.

1. Start Your Day With an Early Rise 

When we were young, we were told to be healthy and wealthy, all we needed to do was go to bed early and subsequently rise early. 

Though people have different preferences, with some keeping late nights vis-à-vis late mornings, the adage of rising early still holds to a majority.

As an illustration, take a farmer who needs to rise early to milk his cows. He would ruin his day if he woke late. As a result, he’ll lose his daily sales and probably spend the rest of his day in a grumpy mood.

To avoid being like our farmer above, embrace the benefits of waking up early to tap into a day’s blessings, like a bird does, catching the fattest worms. 

Allow yourself some quiet time before the rush and madness of the day begins. Use this time for reflection, dreams, and goal-setting, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the early morning.

2. Practice Gratitude Through Your Day

Look around and kick-start your day by being grateful, preferably with a short prayer. In the same way, reflect on your life’s positive aspects. Stretch out, take a deep breath, and exhale each morning.

Are you happy that you woke up healthy? No broken bones or swellings? Swallowing saliva with no pain in the throat?

When you open your eyes and see well, breathe normally, feel hungry in the morning (yes, appetite is a big plus in your life!), and walk around freely, you have more than enough reasons to be grateful. And an even better reason to look forward to a great day ahead.

Coupled with uttering words of gratitude, consider keeping a gratitude journal to jot down things you’re thankful for each morning. It will certainly be a positive way to start your day.

3. Have Mindful Moments

Instead of dashing from the bed to the bathroom and finally to the breakfast table, consider incorporating mindfulness into your morning routine. 

To begin with, engage in activities like meditation, deep breathing, or mindful stretching. It’s a way of keeping a well-focused mind, clear of all fogginess, and well-suited to start your day fresh. 

In a word, these practices can help center your mind and cultivate a sense of calm and focus throughout the day, hence enabling you to start it on a positive note.

In light of this, try;

  • Taking calculated deep breaths
  • Using apps and YouTube tutorials to mimic guided meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Eating and drinking mindfully

4. Nourish Your Body

As stated above, drinking and eating mindfully is a plus to start your day on a positive note. 

Ever heard someone say they are too much in a hurry to have breakfast? Sometimes they pack tea in a thermos and a poached egg to eat while in the car. Chances are, they don’t finish their tea or whatever snack they carry. It’s no fun eating while in traffic.

Breakfast is not just a meal; it’s an opportunity to fuel your body and mind. 

Choose nutritious foods that provide sustained energy throughout the day by incorporating superfoods or a refreshing smoothie into your morning routine.

To this end, learn to savor and slowly chew each morsel properly for easier digestion. You don’t want to swallow chunks of fruit or bread that hurt your throat, do you? Your intestines will be grateful, too.

Therefore, have ample unrushed time at your breakfast each morning.

5. Exercise for Energy

Depending on your day’s schedule, we recommend allotting time for physical activity, which is a powerful mood booster. 

Whether it’s a brisk walk, a quick workout, or a yoga session, get your body moving in the morning to release endorphins and enhance your overall well-being.

In case time is not on your side in the morning for such activities, spare some time in the evening instead.

Regardless of the time of day you exercise, know that your body receives energy boosts, as a result. 

What’s more, you not only get more stamina, but you also strengthen your heart, among other body parts. 

This is especially true for cardio exercises, e.g., brisk walking, cycling, jumping rope, and stair-climbing (yep, the one almost all people avoid in favor of lifts).

6. Have Positive Affirmations

What are positive affirmations, you may ask? 

These are positive statements, like the famous Yes, We Can slogan of former President Barack Obama.

Start your day with such positive affirmations to set a constructive tone. 

On the positive side, affirmations help reframe your mindset and build self-confidence. Start your day with positive affirmations that align with your goals and aspirations.

So what’s my point? 

For any daunting tasks in your day that appear like elephants, address them with the mindset that David had when he faced Goliath. Your day will be super.

7. Social Tech-Free Time

How much time do you spend on social media daily?

It’ll surprise you to learn that, according to research, people spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes every day on social media globally. That’s a heck of a lot of minutes daily.

To have a super non-wasteful day, consider implementing a tech-free zone during the first hour of your day. 

When you wake up, resist the urge to check your social media or e-mails. Have more of an emphasis on your mental and physical well-being-promoting activities.

Here’s why that is important…

Another piece of research points out that social media is so addictive that it affects over 210 million people worldwide.

Could you be part of these statistics? 

You hardly know if you are when you’ve never taken your phone just to look at your e-mails only to find yourself engaged on Facebook, X, Instagram, or any other platform for hours on end.

To avoid these temptations and have a productive day, learn to keep your gadgets away, and when near them, it’s wise to turn off notifications. They can wait.

8. Set Priorities for the Day

When you wake up, chances are that you know what to accomplish for the day. Take a moment to set your priorities and establish a positive mindset by visualizing success in your endeavors. 

Having goals can give you direction and a feeling of purpose.

A to-do list is a good starting point where you identify what tasks for the day are important vs. what is urgent.

To further achieve the best results, incorporate planners and reminders for your daily tasks, such as 

  • Erin Condren LifePlanner
  • Muji Recycled Paper Weekly Planner
  • Filofax, The Original Organizer, e.t.c.

For simpler solutions, use sticky notes to remind you of pending tasks.

Above all, time management is critical. For each duty on your list, allocate the time for the tasks so that you don’t rush your day.

9. Don’t Forget Time With Loved Ones

There is a need to end the day on a positive note, in a similar fashion to how you started it. How do you do this?

It all boils down to one thing…


Make efforts to spend quality time with your family. Positive interactions with loved ones can create a sense of connection and joy, fostering a positive emotional state for days ahead.

It could be a fun time playing games together, sharing family meals, or just watching late-night movies.

A day well spent has its icing with family time together.


In summary, incorporating these morning rituals into your daily routine will create a positive foundation for each day. 

Experiment with different practices to find what resonates best with you, and remember that consistency is key to reaping the full benefits of your morning rituals.

Do you have any additions to these 9 rituals? Add them in the comments.

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